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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Share Button Problem

Problems come and go when blogging.  Most are easily solved but some take a lot more effort to solve.  So it is with one of my blogs.  I put the share buttons on all six of my blogs.  A couple of months ago I noticed a red font over the share buttons on one of my blogs.  We were on vacation, tired from moving and somewhat anxious to get back home in time for the holiday season so I put the problem on the back burner.  Then I got rather busy in January so didn't investigate further.  The other day, I sat down to figure out the problem after seeing a Google link in my stats to my blog.  When I clicked the link I got to the search results and there was one of my posts backlinked to my blog but with something I didn't recall writing added.  I immediately suspected being hacked so changed my Google password even though the problem was related to only one blog of the six and just happened to be the blog with the share buttons problem.  Checking the archives, I found I had indeed written that so was back to square one troubleshooting for the share button problem.

Over the share buttons was what appeared to be a link but it wasn't.  It was the words "Thisis!tenok" in red font over the share buttons.  I immediately disabled the share buttons, removed the code, saved the template and started fresh.  I added back the code only to find the words reappear so I removed the code again.  I did a copy and paste from another of my blogs then added the code back in.  The words reappeared even though there was no problem on the blog I did the copy and paste.  I removed the code again and replaced it with a different code that didn't show the red over write but it also didn't show the buttons and the alignment was wrong.  I compared the code for the suspected problem code to that from the cut and paste but they were identical.    My next troubleshooting was looking through all the HTML of all added elements especially any added javascript but found nothing.  Next I pulled up all published comments and removed any with links in the comment.  Then I pulled up the HTML for the template, expanded the widget and went through line by line since 'find in page' found nothing for the over written words.  I found absolutely nothing! Talk about a headache...


John said...

If you use Google Chrome, right click and choose "inspect element". (assuming you haven't disabled right click). It shows the source after the page has rendered and the JavaScript run...

That might help you track the problem down. I suspect there's something hidden away in a JavaScript file somewhere.

Garden Gnome said...

Thanks for the tip John. I can view source with Camino so will check it out.

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