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Friday, March 9, 2012

Google Announces 40 New Changes

Well, as if Google's Panda update didn't slap enough wrists, they have announced 40 new changes that will affect websites including blogs.  In their quest for quality content, they will now be analyzing links meaning you could get penalized for having what they consider (and that hasn't been disclosed) inferior links.  The criteria for the links is bound to be more stringent than just linking to a site using black hat methods or selling links.  While there is some speculation as to how the changes for links will be seen by Google remains to be seen, guaranteed they will affect page rank.  The good news is, with Pinetrest, images are becoming more important in the eyes of Google.  That means you must, must, must use the alt tag for all images as well as optimization.  Images are a great way to get your blog noticed!  Regular content is a must under the new changes.  Apparently under the new rules, the fresher the content the better!   Make sure the content is dated so Google picks it up and ping after each update.  Other than that, just keep on blogging.  I honestly don't think the changes will make much of a difference to those bloggers who are already using these practices anyway.  It will affect those who haven't updated in over a month as well as those not taking advantage of the image alt tag.  For the most part though, the changes will have more of an effect on company websites.  Still it doesn't hurt to be aware of what Google is doing...


John said...

I don't think Pinterest will help much. All of the links are nofollowed :-(

Garden Gnome said...

I didn't realize the links are nofollow on Pinterest. On the positive note though, I am seeing traffic from Pinterest which is nice. Surprisingly, that's where I found out about Pinterest.

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