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Saturday, March 3, 2012

How Important is SEO for Bloggers?

A few years ago when I started monetizing my blogs, I became interested in search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO is rather complicated and the rules change quicker than some change their underwear!  But how important is SEO for bloggers? 

Bloggers whether they have monetized their blog(s) or not cannot afford to ignore SEO.  If they do, it can effect the earning potential and readership of the blog.  At the same time, bloggers should not focus solely on SEO.  Essentially a blogger needs to be cognizant of good SEO practices like the effective use of key words or key phrases but for the most part they should focus on building good content.  While good SEO practices will get the attention of the search engines, if the content is not there, it won't gain you readership.  As a blogger it really boils down to the readership and the more it is the better regardless whether they found your blog via a search engine or through word of mouth.  I seriously have seen some blogs that do not show in one or more search engines that have a nice following meaning even though they aren't showing in the search engines they can still make a bit of an income if they have monetized the blog.  

SEO really concerns big businesses with websites aiming at sales.  They want the maximum number of hits possible to increase their sales.  SEO really has a minimal impact for bloggers unless you get lucky and your blog goes viral.  If a blog goes viral, chances are it did so without SEO.  I'm just saying...


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