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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is Google Right or Wrong Penalizing Those Who Pay for Backlinks?

It is quite clear from recent changes at Google that if you are using a paid backlinking network or paying for backlinks to your blog, you will be punished by being de-listed from their search engine results.  Let's be clear, paying to advertise your link is one thing but paying for a backlink is not.  Now this is a bit of a grey area.  In my mind it really is difficult to make a distinction.  If I pay X amount of dollars to advertise my blog that doesn't give me guaranteed hits but it does create a backlink to my blog.  Apparently that is ok.  If I pay X amount of dollars for say 50 backlinks, that is wrong but in reality that is just another form of advertising.  I don't really get it but I play by rules.  Is Google right or wrong?

Well, the short answer is, it's Google's search engine they call the shots.  Paying for backlinks really is a grey issue and quite frankly is a bit hard to determine especially if the paid backlinks aren't from an actual paid backlink farm.  But I have been one to give the early warning not to do anything that would ever associate your blog with any type of link farm, paid or free.  Don't even be tempted to accept a paid link on your blog.  Google just doesn't like it. 

In all honesty, paid backlinks are nothing more than advertising.  It is a way of getting a few visits and really how is a paid backlink any different from the advertising you can buy on Google itself?  You are still buying a link.  In this respect, Google is being a bit wishy washy in wanting to control who buys what.


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