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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is the Lure of Blogging Fading?

I've been blogging for six years now and have to question whether the lure of blogging is fading.  When I first started it was just me then I joined BlogExplosion quickly followed by other blog promoting sites.  Now most of those sites are gone so networking between blogs is a lot more difficult.  The average life span of a blog is 3 months to begin with.  If a blog survives beyond the 3 month period it has a better chance of surviving the long term.  Many blogs were set up specifically to make money but when that didn't happen they were abandoned.  The reality is, aside of life getting in the way, bloggers are human.  They get tired of dealing with comment spam, ignorant emails, the constant work of blogging and all done for little to nothing in terms of reward.  It really saddened me today when I checked through the list of blogs I follow to see almost half of them haven't updated in over a year.  At some point I suppose there is the possibility that they might start blogging again but more than likely they will not.  The worst part is, some of these bloggers were top notch authors of quality content with unique blog designs so they had a lot to offer the blogging community.

The lure of blogging is not fading for me at all.  I'm saddened to see talented bloggers stop blogging and I'm saddened to see some of the top notch blog advertising networks gone.  But, I have no intentions of giving up on any of my blogs.  I admit to struggling a bit with the curve balls life has thrown me and the first two months of 2012 being a bit sluggish for blogging, but I'm still here and still blogging.  Hopefully, I will meet up again with some of my old blogging friends even if they just pop by to say hello.  If I don't, I wish them all the best and thank them for the enjoyment they shared through their blogs while they were blogging.


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