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Friday, March 30, 2012

Should Search Engine Rules be Different for Bloggers?

In the real world, there a general rules that apply to everyone (eg. don't kill, don't drink and drive) and rules that apply based on certain criteria (eg. it is illegal to drink before a certain age, bylaws pertaining to the municipality).  For every rule, there are consequences for non-compliance but there maybe exceptions to the rules.  In comparison, the search engines have the general rule that you should not use blackhat methods to increase your rank in their search results.  One could question whether the search engines should have rules based on criteria such as big business websites verses blogs.  The reality is while some bloggers had the goal to make oodles of money blogging, most have not.  Some bloggers don't even monetize their blogs but they do put out good content.  Others monetize enough to cover part or all of their internet access costs.  At any rate, bloggers really don't need to do a lot of SEO and they certainly are not competition to business websites. 

I find it ironic that bloggers participating in certain blogging networks that Google had decided to de-index are being penalized for trying to get a bit of traffic and attention when the big company websites spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on SEO.  Again, it is the little person that gets penalized not the big companies.  It would be nice if bloggers had a bit more leeway especially when content is king and some bloggers have a heck of a lot more content than some company websites.  Many bloggers are routinely adding new content on a regular basis as well whereas company websites may only be updated once a year.  That being said, logistically could the search engines have one set of rules for business websites and others for bloggers?

I really don't think so.  Many bloggers have their own domains which makes it a bit more difficult for the search engines.  They would have to include some type of algorithm change to detect blogs and bloggers would need to add a meta tag with the word 'blog' in it.  The problem is larger companies and perhaps the seedier side of the websites could simply use that meta tag so the search engine crawlers would classify that site as blog as well.

Google itself, has indicated that it wants to level the playing field.  For that very reason, bloggers are going to have to abide by the same rules set out for business and other types of websites.  Once Google is finished this round of de-indexing, some bloggers aren't going to be very happy but others should see an improvement in the search engine ranking. 


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