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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spelling & Grammar Could Affect Your Page Rank

Oh my!  A couple of days ago I read where Google may be penalizing blogs and other websites for spelling and grammatical errors.  The reason being is quite often both indicate low quality content or possible scrapped content.  Furthermore, apparently some were intentionally using common spelling mistakes as a way to get into the first page of search engine results.  I think this would be considered borderline black hat methods if done intentionally.  However, as a blogger who tends not to like proof-reading I have taken to using the spell check just so my blogs don't fall into the suspicious category. 

I make a lot of spelling mistakes due to dyslexia and impatience.  I want the post finished and published so often omit that important step of proof-reading.  What I need to work on is a system where it becomes automatic to spell check and proof-read.  In the end, it will improve my blogging skills that will hopefully be reflected in my Page Rank (PR).


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