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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blogger Adds Easy Nofollow Tagging on Links Within Blog Posts

Blogger has a brand new look along with a few new features including an easy way to add the rel="nofollow" tag for any link within a post.  Simply click on the 'link' in editor and a window will pop up giving you options.  The new option is the ability to toggle the 'Add rel="nofollow" attribution if desired.  What this means is if you have 4 links in a blog post with one set to no follow, the search engines will follow only those without the rel="nofollow" attribution.

This is actually a good thing, giving more control to bloggers as to how a search engine crawler sees your blog.  Allowing the search engine crawlers to follow any link gives them a bit of link love while telling the search engines you trust that link.  You can make the strong links do follow and the weaker ones nofollow.  In some ways though this is manipulating the system but since Google owns Blogger it must be an accepted option.  I see a few issues with this though.

While it was always possible to manually add the rel="nofollow" attribution for any link using HTML it is now a lot easier.  That means there is the potential for abuse.  This will be important when exchanging links.  Some bloggers will be able to clean up their links to link farms by simply using the rel=" nofollow" attribution even though they may still benefit from some of those link farms.  What I predict will happen and what we have already been seeing is blog networks and link farms will continue to be de-indexed by Google and/or other search engines making the rel="nofollow" attribution a valid option for some links when used properly.


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