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Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Emotion Across in Electronic Media

Electronic media is amazing but it lacks one thing that face to face or even telephone contact makes clear and that is emotion.  I follow a few online groups and forums.  It is amazing what some people write but aside of that others get upset at either what they write or how it comes across.  Feelings get hurt and tempers flare as a result.  While certain 'regulars' in the forum or group intentionally make it a point to be sarcastic or purposely belittle and try to hurt others, most do not.  Quite often the wording itself doesn't reflect how the author actually meant the comment and that gets a bit more complicated because phrases that acceptable in one country may be quite unacceptable in another.  The reader can't see if the author is angry or smirking or trying to be funny because emotion does not come over well in electronic media. 

This is something I try to be aware of when I write my blog posts.  For the most part I don't write angry posts and if for some reason I do, I use the [rant] [/rant] tags so the reader knows this is a topic I'm ticked off about.  Unlike some bloggers, I seldom use emoticons although they can be a good aid in getting your feelings across providing they aren't in every post or several in one post.  I very rarely use terms like LOL or ROFLMAO because quite frankly if I did the latter in real life the nice men in white coats would be knocking on my door!  I don't use terms like OMG because that isn't how I talk normally and I tend to write the way I talk.  I also don't use terms like DH because quite frankly the D could stand for any number of adjectives and sometimes not so nice ones.   For the most part, I think I am fairly successful at getting my feelings across in my writing.  What works for me is just being myself, writing how I normally talk.


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