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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

But Everyone's Doing It!

When I was knee high to a grass hopper, I would tell my Mom, but everyone's doing it when I wanted to do some forbidden activity.  Her comment was always 'if everyone jumped off a bridge would you?'.  Now the beauty of this come back was it made me think.  That simple comment stopped me from becoming a lemming aka follower.  The reality is just because everyone is doing it, doesn't make 'it' right.  That philosophy is so true when it comes to blogging.

Shortly after starting blogging in early 2006, I noticed that just about every blogger was doing paid posts and a good portion of those were also displaying paid links.   Well, in fairness I was using blog networks so that really just gave a very small view on the blogosphere doing this.  The reality is even back then Google and other search engines didn't like it.  They took particular aim against the paid posts, something I have never done using the strict definition of paid posts.  Normally a paid post is some topic dictated by whoever is paying you for X amount of dollars.  I haven't done that.  On the other hand I have gained credits via the defunct Adgitize for writing posts which technically were eventually turned into money for advertising but Adgitize never dictated what had to be written.  In this respect, Adgitize was very much a grey area.  Google in particular took aim against link farms but for awhile there just about every blogger was using Mr Linky and similar link building even though they were being penalized by Google.  You seldom see the huge link lists on blogs any more so perhaps bloggers have got the message that the search engines don't like it.

The thing is you simply can't do what other bloggers are doing even if it looks like they are successful.  It can seriously get you into trouble with the search engines, especially Google.  Oh, don't get me wrong copying some of the successful blogging techniques can really help a new blogger but in general it is best to develop your own style.  Don't do paid posts or links as that will affect your page rank.  Pay attention to the Webmaster Guidelines set out by Google.  Never, ever, ever use blackhat SEO methods.


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