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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Any Idiot Can Blog

It doesn't seem possible that I have been blogging for over six years now.  Honestly that is pretty good considering the average lifespan of a new blog is 3 months.  The reality is any idiot can blog!  There are no special skills involved other than perhaps coming up with something to blog about.  You don't have to use proper grammar or spelling.  You don't need to know HTML or web design.  You don't need to have a digital camera or upload any pictures to your blog.  It doesn't matter what you are wearing, where you are or what time it is when you blog.  If you miss a day blogging, you won't get a pay cut or your boss yelling at you either.  You can blog about any topic imaginable providing it doesn't promote hatred or illegal activities or it's criminal.  In fact, blogging is one of the least restrictive hobbies there is.  So there you go, the world is anyone's oyster with respect to blogging. 

Ok, that all sounds fairly easy and it is but quite frankly there are some rules that should be followed when blogging.  Here are a few that I feel are important:

  • content is king - Keep adding content every chance you get.  Make the content unique and fresh.
  • updating - Updating includes blog templates, layouts, backgrounds and all those little extras.  Change them from time to time to brighten up your blog much the same way as you change decor in your home from time to time.  Widgets are an interesting way of adding certain kinds of content to your blog like a blogroll or word of the day.  Change them occasionally to keep content fresh. 
  • alt tags - If you are using images it is imperative to use alt tags as search engines do not see images only code.
  • keywords - Keywords are very important for attracting search engines.  Choose them wisely and don't abuse them.  Never engage in keyword stuffing!
  • links - It is very important to check any outgoing links from your blog.  Dead or broken links will cost you in page rank.  Make any links on your blogs are not pointing to bad neighbourhoods as that could get your blog delisted from search engines.


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