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Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Social Networking Buttons

I posted earlier this year about a share button problem I was having.  Blogger calls them share buttons and makes it easy to add to your blog simply by toggling on the option in template/post/edit of the template.  These buttons make it easy to share the blog posts you like via email and Facebook but Blogger didn't have options for Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter and now the new Pintrest.  I used individual button code for all but Pinterest.   My share buttons worked great on three of my blogs but on the other three there was writing over top of them something to the effect of This7is!:tenok and This7is!tterook.  Again, when I first saw this, I changed my Google (also Blogger) password then thought no more of it.  As one commenter said, it was likely something hidden in javascript.  What was interesting is the problem was only showing on three of my blogs.  When I toggled off the share buttons on those blogs, they reappeared on the far left hand side with the writing over top of them.  I removed share buttons from one of the blogs but with my recent little scare, I decided to get aggressive and replace all share buttons with new social networking buttons.

This is where the fun started!  I toggled off the option in Blogger for share buttons then removed the individual Stumbleupon, Digg and Twitter buttons.  Checking preview the share buttons were back on the far right side.  Again, only three blogs showed the over writing so  I continued on.  I installed the custom designed social button widget from ShareThis then check preview.  The old share buttons were still there right beside comment but the new social buttons loaded fine.  So I went into edit the template, did a back-up then removed all coding related to 'sharebuttons'.  There were two blocks of it.  Once removed the old share buttons then checked preview.  The old share buttons were completely gone and in their place my nice new social networking buttons. 

I am still stumped at what was happening with the old share button code.  I've gone through the code several times so perhaps it was a conflict with other javascript on those codes.  At any rate the problem is solved.  The buttons look nice and they offer a few more options for social networking.  I like that you can pick and choose which buttons to include on your widget. 


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