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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So You've Been Hacked

Yesterday, I wrote about a few of the things you can do if your blogging platform account has been hacked.  In reality these are all things you should be doing anyway.  Seriously though the chances of your blogging platform account being hacked is minimal unless you have ticked off someone online, picked up an online stalker or you are blogging about controversial issues.  You can easily tick some off or pick up an online stalker without even knowing about it.  Here's a few more tips on how to deal with the situation should your blogging platform account be compromised.

  • don't panic - It is natural to panic when you realize your blogging platform account has been hacked.  It is important to stay calm.  As soon as you change your password the hacker can't access your account.  This is your number one line of defense.  Simply change the password then calmly work on damage control.  If you stay calm, you are less likely to miss any content changes that might have happened.
  • be methodical - Damage control should be very methodical and thorough.  Check out each area of your blog from one end to the other.  When satisfied, more on to the next section.
  • stay proactive - As you check through your blog and make any necessary corrections, watch for problems and potential problems.  Tweak your blog settings to prevent security breaches.  Check your stats as you might notice a problem IP.  If so, set up an IP blocker to prevent that IP from accessing your blog.  Continuously check outgoing links, removing any dead links.  Check widgets from time to time.  Change your password often and get into the habit of backing up your blog.
  • stay low keyed - Hackers like to get recognition and attention for what they have done.  Refrain from saying anything about your account being hacked on your blog, groups or social media.  Simply make any necessary changes, tighten your security and move on.  This is especially effective for dealing with hackers who want into your account while still giving you access to your account.  The only way they will know you are on to them is when they try to log in but can't.  This also allows you to act without tipping your hand which could cause this type of hacker to lock you out of your own blog or delete your content.
  • file complaints - Check through your stats as well as contact your blogging platform provider who can see what IPs were accessing your account. Now a hacker trying to hide their tracks will use a proxy service but kids fooling around or an amateur hacker likely won't.  Illegally accessing someone else's account is a sure fire way to lose your ISP!


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