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Friday, July 13, 2012

Traffic Building Using Cold Calls

Brick and mortar stores as well as salesmen learned a long time ago that if they made cold calls there would be a percentage of sales resulting from it.  Well the same thing can happen with blogs.   You may not be selling a product but you are selling a blog aka yourself.  Essentially, if you make 200 cold calls meaning you send out a request to do a blog post for the party you are contacting or if you send them a few links from your blog they might be interested you can expect a return of 1% to 10% (2 to 20) visitors.  Now, out of that you may pick up one or two folks interested enough in following or subscribing to your blog.

By default, a cold call means you have not had a previous relationship with the person you are contacting.  That means a cold call can easily be viewed as spam and you definitely do not want your blog labeled as being a SPLOG.  Yet cold calls can be very effective if used properly.  This is not a method I use very often, perhaps four or five times a year and then only if I really feel the person being contacted would be interested.  Here are a few things I do when making a cold call for one of my blogs.

  • contact information - I feel it is very important to address anyone I'm making a cold call to via email by name.  They are much more likely to respond favourably.
  • brevity - I keep cold calls brief and to the point.  I include the salutation, a two or three sentence intro including how I found them, one or two links and a thank-you for their time as well as my contact information should they require further information.
  • sporadic - Any of the cold calls I make for my blogs are sporadic.  They are very much an opportunity that presents itself.  
  • unique - All of my cold calls for my blogs are unique.  I don't use a form or cut and paste.  Both of these methods will get your blog labeled as a SPLOG and really just tick anyone who receives the off.  
  • no follow-up -  As tempting as it is, I do not do follow-ups for any cold call.  The person contacted may be quite busy, out of the office, not interested or may have set my email aside until they have the right opportunity.  A follow-up even one as simple as asking if they got your email can make them think you are a spammer, get you complaints to your ISP or get you labeled as a SPLOG.  Seriously, I have had responses from cold calls I put out over six months ago!  I just put them out there then hope for the best even if it takes months for a response.


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