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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Bad Blogging Year

We moved to our new house in September of 2011. Now, a year later I must admit it has been a bad blogging year. I was tired from having the house on the market for eighteen months before it finally sold and the move took a bit more out of me than I thought it would. We have spent almost three months of the past year at our vacation home in Florida. While I can blog there, it is not a high priority. The demise of Adgitize and CMFAds has left a void combined with a lack of belonging in the blogosphere. It is back to being a solitary blogger occasionally bumping into an old blogging friend. I went from visiting as many as a hundred blogs in a day to only a few of my favourites. Some of my blogging friends have given up blogging. I seldom blog hop the way I used to either. I went from daily posts across all my blogs to sporadic posts on five of them and almost daily on one. All in all, it has been a bad blogging year. I'm going to try to get things back in order so the last quarter of 2012 is a bit better. Time will tell.


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