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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blogging Income

Bloggers seem to fall into three main categories with respect to monetizing.  The first group does not monetize at all.  They have no interest in blogging for financial gain of any kind.  They may advertise but they don't display any ads or paid posts on their blogs.  The second group monetizes enough to cover their costs like ISP and advertising.  They display a minimal amount of advertising, seldom if ever do paid posts, and may accept the occasional paid link.  The third group monetizes with the pie in the sky ideal that they are going to make a living via blogging.  They display a heavy amount of advertising including pop-up and peel-back ads.  A good portion of their posts are paid posts and they have a large number of paid links.

The bottom line is blogging does cost money in terms of ISP costs, advertising, design and time.  The reality is the only bloggers that make money from their blogs are those in the second group.  Those in the first group aren't interested in making money and those in the third group run the risk of being labelled a splog (spam blog) or even being banned by Google and other search engines.


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