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Friday, September 14, 2012

Content is King Revisited

Never before has the phrase content is king become so important in the blogosphere. Content has always been important with respect to blogs but with the announced changes to Google's algorithm, content take on a whole new meaning. Google wants quality so your blog content meet that demand. A blog post riddled with spelling and grammatical errors may not even get into the search results under the new guidelines especially if there is another source of information on that search that has no spelling or grammatical errors. Google is demanding freshness as well so even though you wrote an excellent article on a given topic, it might not appear in the search results if there is a newer source for that information. It is now very important to go back to review your older posts, correcting spelling and grammatical errors. A follow-up post or posts with additional information and a link back to the original post may help with respect to freshness. For example, if you have five blog posts on the topic content, you are five time more likely to have one of them appear in the search results than if you only have one post on content. At any rate, it is increasing more important to keep good content coming into your blog especially in the form of posts. At the same time, some content like informational widgets, event tickers, and blogrolls should be replaced with fresh content or revamped. Make sure there are no dead links in your blogroll. Don't forget that removing content can be as effective as adding content especially content that is not post specific. Freshen up some of your design content. Change out that calendar widget you've had for the past five years with a new, spiffy one or eliminate it entirely. Let's face it, calendar and clock widgets really don't add much in the way of content and most readers don't use them anyway. If you really want a widget, choose something like a word of the day or this day in history widget. Make sure images on your blog have an alt tag. Images add content for your readers but without the alt tag add no content as far as the search engine bot is concerned. A little more detail to content is sure to catch the attention of the search engines.


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