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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doing a Bit of Blog Revamping

Authoring six blogs is a challenge and one thing that has always been a challenge for me has been how to deal with the blog signature. I like adding a copyright under my sig but that needs to be changed yearly. The problem is if you go through Blogger template to add the sig it only adds to new posts not existing ones. So I found a tutorial on how to add an signature image. It is placed right below:

in the form of:
or align to left if desired.

The image will appear on all posts both existing and new.  Updating to the new year is as simple as modifying the image, uploading it and changing the link to the current image at which time all existing posts will now have the new image.  Incorporating this change is a bit time consuming after it is in place as you do have to manually remove any existing sigs on posts if desired.  On a larger blog it is a bit time consuming but is a perfect time to check existing posts for appropriate labels.

I am making the change to an image signature across all my blogs.  Once done, it will greatly simplify things when the new year rolls around.  I have a psd image of each blog sig so only have to change the 2012 to 2013, save for web then upload the image.  Once uploaded I can go into the html and change the image source so updating will take me less than 20 minutes for all my blogs.  Surprisingly, the current changes are going rather well.  I just open the post, remove the existing sig and hit update.  I expect the other blogs to go a lot quicker as there are a lot less posts than the cooking one that I'm focusing on right now.  Hopefully, I will have all my blogs updated to my new sig system by the end of the week.


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