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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Improving Blog Loading Time

Google recently announced with its algorithm changes that site loading speed would be factored into the search engine results. While it may be difficult to significantly increase the loading speed of your blog as it is dependent on the blog host, there are several small things you can do help improve the loading speed. Here are a few things I've done to improve the loading time for my blogs:

  • removed third party widgets - Some third party widgets can slow down your blog loading time.  I removed  any unnecessary widgets like calendars, clocks and that type of thing.
  • image optimization - All images including the background and design elements on my blogs have been optimized for web.  This keeps the image size small for faster loading.  I like to keep the size between 35 KB and 100 KB.
  • on site image hosting - I try to upload any images to be used on my blogs to my blog host platform, Blogger.  This keeps them on Blogger servers for faster loading.  I do occasionally use Photobucket as well.  You have to be careful using Photobucket though to not exceed the allotted bandwidth otherwise the image won't display until the next reset.  This can be a real problem if one of your blog posts with a Photobucket hosted image goes viral, effectively causing all images hosted by Photobucket to not display without upgrading to a paid account.
  • number of posts displayed - One way to decrease blog loading time is to set the number of posts that load to a lower number.  A blog set to display 4 posts on load will load faster than one set to display 7.  I have mine set to display 4 posts on load and may consider reducing it further as I use linkwithin on some of my blogs.  This is easy to adjust under Blogger settings. 
  • truncated posts - I tried truncated posts where the reader has to click read more to see the entire post.  I don't particularly care for this but it is an effective way to decrease blog load time while displaying a larger number of posts to peak the reader's interest.
  • reduced advertising - When I first monetized my blogs, I used a variety of affiliate programs (eg. Bidvertize, Adsense, Pepperjam)  and blog networks (eg. Project Wonderful, Adgitize, CMFAds).  I greatly reduced advertising on all my blogs.  Some of the ads were just taking up valuable blog real estate without paying a cent and some of the widgets created java script conflicts that caused slower loading.  I now use Adsense and Project Wonderful on five of my blogs as well as exclusive advertising (one banner ad) and Project Wonderful on the sixth.  I reduced the size of the Adsense ads and refuse to put ads after each post. 


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