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Friday, September 7, 2012


Yesterday I was on one of the forums I frequent when a member asked the opinion of others regarding his blog. When others started giving their opinion the person asking for the opinion turned downright pissy.  Now see I just don't understand this.  You ask for an opinion, you don't like the answer but that doesn't mean you can get pissy and cop an attitude.  I'm sorry but the rule is if you don't want the opinion DON'T ASK FOR IT!  The worst part is in this particular case the person asking about the change they made is so far off base it really is pathetic.  The end result is this person is seriously hurting their own traffic which is fine if that is what they are intending to do.  What isn't fine is to ask for opinions then lashing out because he didn't like the opinion.  When it comes to blogging if I want to make a significant change I go ahead and do so without asking any opinions of anyone then I wait to see what the results of that change are and may tweak from there.


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