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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Search Engine Transparency

Google announced awhile ago that it is moving towards transparency which really means they want webmasters to know what the changes made to their algorithms are and how it will affect them. In reality, these changes really only affect commercial websites but they can have an impact on smaller personal websites and blogs. For example, many bloggers were negatively affected when Google delisted a couple of blogging networks. At the same time, Google is being quite clear as to what it will no longer tolerate as far as SEO. In fact, SEO is basically going by the wayside.

Google is looking for quality (no spelling errors, good grammar, good articles/information, no duplicate content) and  freshness (current content, continuously adding new content).  It is important to realize that while Google is not the only search engine, it is the largest one with the most influence so it would be foolish to not pay attention to what they are disclosing.  At the same time, there are a number of smaller search engines (eg. Bing, Ask, Yahoo) as well as site specific search engines.   As important as Google's announcements is what the other search engines are not saying.

While Google has recently announced that keywords will play less of a role in their search engine results, keywords will still play a role in the search results of other search engines.  We don't know for sure though because the smaller search engines are not making any algorithm change announcements.  They don't announce that they have de-listed a network or website although I am certain that they do.  From a blogging point of view, any traffic from any search engine is a good thing because it is organic traffic.  The person doing the searching is looking for that particular bit of information.  It is very important to listen to what Google is saying while using good SEO methods to get traffic from the smaller search engines. 


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