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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spelling Counts

Google announced a couple of months ago that spelling will be a consideration in their search engine results. The reason for this is two fold. First Google is insisting on quality content which means free of spelling errors. Second, common spelling mistakes were being used by some webmasters as part of borderline blackhat SEO methods. Since keyword stuffing is definitely a blackhat SEO method, these webmasters would use variations in spelling of the keyword(s). Now, I'm not talking about the difference in spelling between words like color (American) and colour (Canadian). I'm sure Google will take this type of difference into consideration. I'm talking about common spelling mistakes made for keywords not the supporting words. For example, if you were blogging about Brandywine Tomatoes, the keywords are Brandywine and tomato. A very common spelling mistake for tomato is tomatoe. So if you have both spellings in the post there is a better chance of it showing in the search results especially if someone performs the search using the incorrect spelling. An easy way to see some of these spelling mistakes is to go through your stats to see the search referrers. Some of the variations are as simple as reversing ie to become ei in a word but others are a bit more blatant. I don't thing Google is going to penalize for the occasional spelling mistake. What I do think will happen is a post that is riddled with spelling errors will be flagged as possibly using borderline blackhat SEO methods. The algorithm may even be set to something like a tolerance of two spelling errors in a post providing the errors are not related. I don't know but suspect that is how it will work. Penalizing purely on the basis of spelling likely won't be a problem for most bloggers. It will be a problem for comment spammers so do keep comment moderation in place to prevent a comment filled with nonsensical and mis-spelled words. It will be a problem for splogs (spam blogs) but then they already have enough problems to deal with. At any rate, it is prudent to pay attention to the fact that spelling mistakes may affect your page rank.


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