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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Death of Guest Posting?

Shortly after starting to blog in early 2006, I learned that guest posting was a good way to generate traffic to your blog. The premise was simple. Write a good article for another blogger who would post the article with a link back to your blog. The only caveat later when Google started announcing algorithm changes was to be sure not to do a guest post on a blog with a lower page rank (PR) than your own. A few days ago, I read a SEO article stating that bloggers are shying away from guest posts, both writing and hosting them. The reason is quite simple and that's the backlink. Google has made it quite clear that it will penalize blogs with links to bad neighbourhoods. Now, say I make a guest post on Blog A with a link back to my blog. Blog A makes a guest post on Blog B with a link back to Blog A. If there is an inappropriate link on Blog B it could actually affect me even though the only connection between Blog B and me is Blog A. This is rather unfair but that is the way Google is doing it. What this means is the death of guest posting. Bloggers are concerned they will be penalized for links down the line. One work-around if you want to accept a guest post is to set the link to rel='nofollow'. Readers interested in the link could still visit but it won't be crawled by the Google bot. That way you shouldn't be penalized for any links coming from the blog hosting your post and you still should get a bit of traffic back to your blog from that post. My only concern with this method is Google has been a bit ambiguous over the nofollow tag. First they were honouring it, then ignoring it and last I heard are honouring it again. At any rate, guest posting is losing favour in the blogosphere as a way to generate traffic.


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