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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Problem With Linking to an Image on Another Site

As I was going through my personal blog, I noticed a couple of posts with image problems. The images weren't displaying and yet I had used the code for these images directly from their sites. Both were in support of annual causes like Blog Action Day. I had cut and pasted the code they said to for the image but at some point they removed that image resulting in a broken image on my end. I did a Google search for the images which dated back to 2007 and downloaded the images. Then I uploaded to Blogger and replaced the broken images. This is a good reminder to check any image you are linked to on another site. Chances are an older image may have been removed or the site itself may no longer exist. Avoid this problem by downloading the image, saving it then uploading it to your blog hosting site. That way even if the site it originally was from goes down, your copy of the image still works.


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