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Friday, September 7, 2012

Working on New Signature Images

I decided to go with a signature image rather than a signature added via Blogger template. I really do like the look of the new signature images that while slightly different for each blog are in the same script to help strengthen my brand. While it is a fair amount of work manually removing the old text signature and it is slow going, in the end a signature image will make updating the © in the signature rather easy each year. I have spent the last two days systematically going through each post on my cooking blog manually removing the text signatures which was no easy feat given there are 1639 live posts! However, this actually proved to be a good thing. I added labels, tweaked titles and corrected spelling errors as I removed the text signatures. Google has said that spelling errors will result in a penalty and even if there wasn't, this was a perfect time to correct those spelling errors that slipped through for a nicer reading experience for my readers. Google has also said that there will be less reliance on keywords for search results but I'm sure keywords will still play a role so tweaking titles by adding keywords should help. I didn't go over board in this respect, rather tweaking mainly on the oldest posts before I knew how important keywords were. Adding labels to older posts and those posts I forgot to add labels to can only help readers find those posts easier. I added the new signature image to this blog this morning. So begins another day of systematically going through all the posts here to remove the old text signatures. I'll do the same tweaking as I did for my cooking blog. It will go faster as there are less posts. Hopefully, I can get the tweaking finished today so I can start working on another of my blogs.


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