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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A New Spin on Blog Spam

At one time comment spam was that, comment spam.  If you had comments set to moderation then the only one who saw it besides the comment spammer was you the blogger providing you use comment moderation.  Now, I have noticed a dramatic reduction in this type of spam which is nice BUT it has been replaced by a direct solicitation using the email address you provide in your contact information.  This type of spam is a bit more work for the spammer who has to harvest your email address then send you an email but in many ways it is a lot easier to deal with.  There are ways to munge your email to prevent these types of spammers harvesting your email.  You can set up a white list of allowed folks to contact you with any email list not on your white list immediately being sent to your spam or trash folder or you can simply do the check mark method to delete and you can add them to your spam list which does report them  OR if you really want you can prevent the spammer from accessing your blog with a bit of coding.  The whole thing is, you the blogger, does not have to deal with this type of spam of any other type of spam.  Take control!


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