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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Contact or No Contact Information on Blogs

I started blogging over six years ago and I never added any contact information until about three years ago.  At that time, adding contact information was viewed as a positive way of letting your readers correspond with you.  Now I didn't understand this one as readers can easily leave comments to which you can respond but I went with the trend.  Even though adding contact information, it can get you on a spammer's hit list so you are seriously going to get bugged for a few months.  While I did buy into the adding the contact information, I seriously after three years do not feel it is a good idea any longer.  The thing is spammers are getting more persistent so take away any control they have.  Seriously, for every legitimate email request I get from a reader I get 15 from spammers so that is beyond being discouraging.  I've decided to remove the contact information from all my blogs.  Yes, it makes me a bit less accessible but readers not bent on spamming can always go through the comment option to get the answers they want.


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