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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Content Controllers

Everyone agrees that content is king with respect to blogging.  Everyone harps on free speech but the reality is some things do not fall under the category of free speech.  Certain content is not allowed under your ISP's AUP which means you can't post content on your blog that promotes hatred, racial intolerance, illegal activities or harasses another person.  That's is fairly easy for most bloggers who will never get close to those topics in the first place.  If your blogging platform is Blogger, you are allowed to have adult content (eg. alcohol, sexual nature) providing it is not child pornography and meets Blogger's TOS but it must be identified as having adult content.   Again, this does not apply to the majority of bloggers.  However, content can get you into trouble with certain advertisers who specify you can't promote alcohol although I think including alcohol in a recipe is fine.  You just can't actively promote the use of alcohol.  The use of tobacco and illicit drugs are also not allowed to be discussed in certain contexts under the TOS of affiliate advertising.  So a blogger would be fine to discuss the problems someone using tobacco could encounter but they could not promote using tobacco.

Regardless of your viewpoints, the discussion of certain topics on your blog are regulated by anyone running advertising on your blog.  Now, if you aren't running advertising (eg. Adsense, Pepperjam) and you are only blogging for the heck of it to make money, you would think any topic is fair game but it still isn't.  Just ask the Quebec blogger who has got himself into a bit of hot water over his Antisemitism blog.  He just recently has been charged so it will be interesting to see how is case resolves but guaranteed his blogger platform is going to drop his blog like a ton of bricks.


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