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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Does Comment Moderation Work?

I have all my blogs set to comment moderation mainly to prevent comment spam.  Certain words just trigger their little spambots!  A couple of days ago I woke to find nine comments all identical, eight from "Anonymous" and one from a new Blogger member who had just signed up in November.  The comment was not actual spam as in trying to get a link in but rather a way to change one of my recipes.  Had the person made one comment then waited until the message was approved, I likely would have approved it with a reply as to why the modifications would not work.    However, after seeing how persistent this person had been to get their point across I rejected all nine of the comments.  It dawned on me that this person could have been testing the waters to see if I really did have comment moderation turned on or if the comment moderation was turned off if he or she had a Blogger ID.  If one of their comments got through then I suspect that the spamming would be in full force.  It is fairly common for a spammer to sign up to Blogger then spam blogs until Blogger shuts them down.

Comment moderation does work for the purpose intended.  Had I not had comment moderation turned on I would have had nine identical comments likely followed by a lot of spam to delete.  In the end, comment moderation saves the time it takes to check through published comments and delete the spammish ones.  This is just one more reason I keep comment moderation turned on for all my blogs.


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