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Monday, November 19, 2012

Gave Up Yahoo Groups

Years ago I was rather active on usenet, a type of unmoderated newsgroup aka forum and before that very active on ICQ, mIRC and those types of early social media.  I gave up on usenet because of the trolls, moving over to Yahoo groups and even establishing four of my own groups.  BUT, in recent times I have become very discouraged with Yahoo groups and forums in general.  Even thought they have owners and possibly moderators to control any problems, they seriously are vicious with cliques and the wolf pack mentality.  So I walked away at least as far as actively participating but the way I'm feeling will likely unsubscribe from the very few Yahoo groups I am a member of within the next couple of weeks.

At one time, the Yahoo groups served a function by giving me a voice an a bit of external communication.  Now they are pretty much irritating to the point of being nauseous at times filled with narcissistic folks that if they are lucky have one brain cell between them.  Ok, so I exaggerate just a tad but in all honesty, Yahoo groups have become about one step away from usenet run by overbearing, control freak owners and troll posts.  I think the Yahoo groups filled a need when we were in the country and I was quite isolated but now being in town they don't.  Now, the pettiness of Yahoo group owners and members has become quite blatant but I no longer feel the need to put up with the nonsense.  Oh and it wasn't like Yahoo groups was bringing much in the way of blog traffic because the owners would strip the sig anyway.    

Bye, bye Yahoo groups...it was nice while it lasted but now it is time to let you go.  


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