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Monday, November 12, 2012

Google Backgounds

Well, apparently Google backgounds are gong away and some aren't happy.  Do I really care?  Not really.  I will be concerned if Google announces that their image service Picasa is being discontinued and would even pay to keep this service but an image on my search engine website is a never mind.  Apparently others are which actually may mean them switching to another search engine than Google.  Personally, I don't use Google search but that's just me although I do use other Google products.  The problem is Google is shutting down products which is ticking off users.

I use Blogger which is owned by Google which uses Picasa for image hosting which is also owned by Google.  I have from the start had confidence in Google but now I'm not so sure.  I'm wondering if it is prudent to be thinking about other blogging platforms.  Let's face it, blogging is on the downslide so it is only a matter of time before Google puts Blogger on it's chopping block..  That is one reason to keep up to date back-ups of any of your blogs.  I'm seriously getting to the end of the rope about paying any attention to what Google does.

Google displays ads on some of my blogs.  They pay me for it but not very much.  If I am lucky I get about $200 a year.  They do give me rather nice traffic which helps for other ads I display.  But the end all be all is Google has issues and that may spell problems for users.


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