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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is Content King?

Ever since I started blogging the mantra has been 'content is king'.  Well, on the surface it does make sense.  If you don't have content you won't catch the eye of the search engine bots meaning you won't get traffic from them to which some may say 'so what'.  The 'so what' only really matters if you are looking to make a bit of money from your blogs in the first place.  It really isn't that big of a deal in the broad picture of blogging which is really a way to get your ideas and thoughts out there where others can use them.  So is content king?

Yes and no.  Search engines love content and why?  That's because your content that they link to is earning them money through advertising.  In essence, they are getting rich off of webmasters and bloggers by using their content WITHOUT permission AND they are selling 'their' content which really is a bunch of links to advertisers who think it will get them a sale or two.  The reality is, I have no issue if they use a link to my blogs in the search engine and they get that link through keywords in the content.  I do however, have an issue with any site that takes my content without giving me credit.

Still this skirts the issue of content.  Honestly, you could make a few posts using just keywords and get the same traffic.  Well, until the search engines catch on that is.  If content is not interesting, refreshed or updated on a regular basis it doesn't matter how much traffic search engines bring to your blog because those visitors are more than likely not to return.  The bottom line is to get the attention of search engines you need quality content that will at some point bring a reader to you through the search engines.  At that time, you need interesting and quality content to keep that reader coming back for more.  So I would say, content is still king regardless of how you slice it!


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