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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pandering to Google

Yesterday, I posted about how comment quality can affect your PR.  Google is now taking comment quality into consideration and the only way you can control this is to have your blog set to comment moderation.  Now, I am a bit on the paranoid side so a lot of comments simply don't get through to begin with.  If there is any doubt in my mind, any flags raised or I just don't like the comment, it doesn't get posted.  That's what comment moderation is all about.

When I first read about Google holding comment quality against bloggers, I was a little ticked.  Then I thought about it.  You as the blogger, are responsible for each and everything that appears on your blog including comments.  That ultimately means Google holds you, the blogger responsible for what appears on your blog and if Google doesn't like it, it will penalize you, the blogger.  And so it should be.  There should be nothing on your blog that you, yourself has not approved of, period.  In this case, Google is right!

So, in this light it raises the issue of pandering to Google.  Umm, Google is the biggest search engine and it basically writes it's own rules so if you want traffic from Google you will do a bit of pandering.  Sorry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.  Make no never mind, Google keeps changing its algorithm and tightening the rules for webmasters BECAUSE it wants quality search results for its users.  In doing so, Google is forcing bloggers and webmasters to become more accountable for the content they put out.  Now, they don't say if you put out crappy content, we won't show your site in the results but they certainly do imply it.  And if you have consistently poor content, they may de-list your site, something that is pretty much akin to death if you are trying to make any money off of your site/blog.  It would be blog suicide to not pander to Google but at the same time Google's demands are not all that unreasonable.

Let's put things into perspective.  The internet has been called the superhighway.  You are the lowly driver and Google is law enforcement on the superhighway.  You can go along with the rules or you can break the rules until you get caught.  If caught, Google like any law enforcement agency can give you a warning or a ticket or slap your butt in jail.  The choice is ultimately up to you whether you as a blogger want to follow Google's rules.  Personally, I don't pander to Google in that I refrain from talking about anything that strikes my fancy but I do follow their rules for webmasters.  If you follow those rules, you can't get into trouble.


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