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Friday, November 9, 2012

The 'Villes Lessons

I am seriously a huge fan of the 'Villes games by Zynga on Facebook.  I play on a daily basis and follow the forums.  I have even paid money to play these games.  Now, from Zynga's perspective I am a good player who has no problem paying money for my entertainment BUT Zynga has missed the boat.  Apparently, Zynga does not listen to their paying customers any more than they listen to their free customers and this will ultimately result in their demise.  I'm at the point I will no longer spend another dime on a Zynga game.  Coming from a once loyal customer that really is a slam towards the company but I am not the only one who feels this way.  Folks do not want to pay for something then feel they got ripped off.  They want customer service who will listen and take action.  Well, the same is true of blogging.

A reader comes to your blog and leaves a comment.  Unless the comment is spammish to which it should be rejected, you the blogger should respond to that comment.  That validates the reader's opinion encouraging them to visit again.  Zynga is huge into 'selling' you stuff which means even during game play you get bombarded with ways to part with your money.  'Tis most annoying to say the least.  Don't do this to your readers.  Never use pop-up or peel-back ads as tempting as the financial gain may be.  It is a sure fire way to tick readers off and make them go looking for greener pastures.  If you are running advertising on your blog, keep it low keyed and definitely none of this advertising between posts which in my opinion should be banned.  When it comes to advertising on blog 'less is more'.  

The take home message from how Zynga is dealing with the 'Villes and what could have been a very good thing for them is they are way too cocky to listen.  That is why I like many others will be taking my gaming money elsewhere.   Do I as a gamer like how Zynga treats us - NO!  That means Zynga has lost my business as far as paying anything to play their games.  If you as a blogger get too cocky, your readers will be letting you know by moving on.  Oh sure, they may once in awhile visit your blog much the way I do with the Zynga games but they are not going to be loyal followers.  What you really want to do is encourage loyal followers and those who will subscribe to your blog.  Take a page from Zynga as to how not to run your blog!


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