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Friday, December 28, 2012

A New Form of Blog Spam

Yesterday, I opened my email to find this:

Ref: :  http://theblogreport2.blogspot.in/
My name is Ryan Cook and I represent  http://www.spammed site It has come to our attention that your site may be linking to our own in a manner which we believe may be mutually harmful in SEO terms. For this reason, I would be very grateful if you would please remove all links to this site at your earliest convenience, letting me know that you have done so.
It may be that a third party has maliciously or abusively added our details at some point in the past, and I apologise for inconveniencing you in this way. However, as my email address shows, I represent  http://www.spammed site  directly and it is our express wish that all such links be removed as soon as possible. If you represent any affiliate websites which are also linking to us in this way, would you also be so kind as to remove our details from those sites, also?I am really very grateful for your cooperation in this matter.
Many thanksRyan Cookhttp://www.spammed site

Now, my blog url is http://theblogreport2.blogspot.com but Blogger is now adding country specific tags instead of the .com to circumvent country specific censorship so that part isn't a problem.  However, the email says it is from Ryan Cook and yet the short headers say it is from Jess White.  The email address is a yahoo address rather than the actual contact email address of the spammed site.  I just had to check it out.  The originating IP is meaning the spammer used a proxy to mask the actual IP.  The spammed site appears three times in the email something that is a red flag to begin with.  A legitimate email from the spammed site would not need to use two different names or hide their IP nor would it have to give a link to their site three times.  This is a novel spoof to gain traffic to the spammed site although there is no real gain for the spammer.  So the spammer is either a disgruntled employee of the spammed site or someone trying to discredit the spammed site via a spam campaign.  

This type of spoof is becoming increasingly popular.  It is important to not respond by a knee jerk reaction.  If is remotely looks a bit suspicious, chances are good it is not legit.  Do not reply in any fashion to the email.  You can notify the spammed site via their actual contact information providing the complete headers and content of the spoof email but this type of thing is very difficult to stop.  However, they may have resources to help track the origin of the spoof and at least they would be aware of the spoof campaign that could end up negatively affecting them.  In this case, I moved the message to my 'somewhat suspicious' email folder and blogged about it.  No further action is necessary unless it persists.


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