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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Backlinking Dilemna

My gosh, now you have spammers asking not to add a backlink while others ask for a backlink.  What is a poor blogger to do?  When I started blogging in 2006, giving a link to another blogger's blog was just a friendly thing to do.  A couple of years later give or take, Google announced that linking to a blog that had a lower PR than your's would help the lower ranking blog while hurting yours. All of a sudden, a lot of blogs started removing links in their sidebar.  Then Google announced that linking to a blog or site that perhaps had a bit of bad SEO would affect your blog so more backlinks dried up.  Last year it was to the point many bloggers were scared to share any links but then Blogger added the 'no follow' tag but Google said it was following anyway then  announced about mid-year that they were once again honouring the tag.  I don't use the 'no follow' tag but I do keep any links from my blogs to other sites at a bare minimum.  Then Google announced that is say Joe Blow linked to your site 'without your permission' and his site was blackhat or porno, you would get penalized.  Not that really is unfair because how can you possibly control who links to you?  Now, Google has just announced that they will no longer penalize for these types of backlinks.

The bottom line is, if you author a good blog, you will at some point backlink to another blog or website.  If you have a great blog you will attract the attention of others who may put a link on their website or blog leading to yours and really, quite frankly you can't do much about this.  However, being penalized by Google was beyond being fair.  How could Google ever justify penalizing a blogger who had no control over the backlink?  I don't know and it never made sense to me but apparently their algorithm, their rules.


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