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Monday, December 3, 2012

Cyber Trolls

Cyber trolls are online bullies who like to taunt others, goading them into fights while causing chaos all under the cloak of anonymity.  They can be down right vicious to the point of spilling over into stalking and real life threats.  If you have your blog comments moderated, a cyber troll stands no chance because their comments are not automatically posted so they have no idea if you even saw them and you basically have removed any attention they would have got if the comment had been posted.  Once again, this is another reason for comment moderation.

As a victim of online bullying and stalking, I turned to blogging so in reality had it not been for that experience none of my blogs would exist.  However, that experience taught me to always keep comments moderated and if they even hint at being spam or a bullying attempt to put them in the trash where the belong and ignore.  I also keep a suspicious folder so if I get someone who is persistent their comments along with their IP goes in that folder.  If it persists, I have evidence to make a few behind the scenes complaints.

First and foremost, these cyber bullies aka trolls want a reaction.  They are mean, vindictive people living on hatred with their only goal of inflicting pain so the rule is 'never let them get to you'.  If you say nothing on your blog and their comment doesn't get posted, they are left wondering if you even saw it in the first place so they will escalate but if each comment goes into the trash or flagged whatever way you want to deal with it, without being posted and without anything being said on your blog, they quickly tire of the game because they aren't getting a reaction aka attention.  Unless it becomes a direct threat, just keep ignoring them and they will go away.  You can always block their IP from accessing your blog but I only recommend that as a last resort even though it is a very effective way to deal with cyber bullying.  If they can't access your blog, they can't very well carry on bullying you.  Basically act quietly behind the scenes giving no indication you even know someone is trying to cyber bully or troll you.  Sent a few LARTs if necessary but other than that ignore.


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