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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Discussing the Forbidden

As most of you know, I author six blogs.  Five of those six blogs run Adsense who is rather particular about what you can and can't blog about.  In particular, you cannot promote alcohol or alcoholic products with Adsense.  Now, that it just a bit difficult when you author a cooking blog where alcohol is used from time to time in recipes.  I don't use it a lot and in fact over the course of almost seven years of that blog, there are likely three or four posts that even mention it.  However, under Adsense rules if taken to the letter, these recipes would not be allowed because they do in fact promote the use of alcohol.  I'm sure Adsense would make an exception but it could still be a problem if their bots caught any discussion of alcohol before a human did.

I would like to know where the line is.  It isn't like cooking with alcohol is promoting under age or illegal use of alcohol.  It isn't like I'm telling anyone how to make alcohol but on a cooking blog, making homemade wine or beer, both of which are quite legal is still against Adsense rules or at least the way I interpret the rules.  And another thing, why is it Google who owns Adsense can set these rules over the legitimate discussion of the legal use of alcoholic products yet turn around and force custom ads at me promoting the use of alcohol?  If they don't want Adsense members promoting alcohol then they shouldn't be forcing those ads on us either!

There are a few other taboos when using Adsense.  The bottom line is, if you use Adsense you can't discuss the taboos BUT make no never mind, Google can definitely feed ads with that type of content to you via your browsing history BECAUSE they set tracking cookies.  Well they used to be able to do that until I got smart and set up measures to prevent that.  At any rate, it does appear to be a double standard when members can't do something but the company itself can do the same thing if not worse ad nauseum!


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