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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blogging on the Fly

When I started blogging back in early 2006, I used an ancient PC which meant when we went on vacation I either had to find an internet cafe or go without blogging.  I was beyond excited to buy an iPod Touch a couple of years later that took my blogging a bit more mobile.  Oh good gosh, now that seriously looks amateur!  Now I have a lap top and iPad that will connect anywhere I can find free Wi-Fi plus they connect to home and our vacation home so for the most part I can blog on the fly.  Oh and my husband has an iPhone with a data plan just in case I can't connect but that is rather rare because I can always sign in with our ID to certain hotspots that aren't free and I've had good luck catching the free Wi-Fi en route.  I have actually been riding in the passenger seat, blogging on free Wi-Fi that my iPad picks up.  It's totally amazing and it costs me nothing.

For what it is worth, Wi-Fi signals on the interstate and Canadian highways are hit and miss but closer to cities and you pretty much can find something.  Many of the larger chains like McDonald's, Starbuck's and similar have free Wi-Fi.  Also, we have found down in Florida as well as in Michigan many stores especially Walmart has free Wi-Fi to enhance your shopping experience.  I'm not fond of shopping so I blog while my husband is shopping.  Airports can be pissy with some offering free Wi-Fi and other giving you just a taste for 15 minutes then chargring for the rest.  Trust me, if I have to I can write a blog post in 15 minutes!  Oh, and you can connect to any family or friends when travelling,

The world of blogging is changing.  I very seldom blog from my desktop anymore  It's the laptop, iPad and iPhone.  Seriously, the way things are going the laptop is going to be passe as well since carrying an iPad and iPhone takes up a lot less space than the laptop.  And you can buy cute little keyboards for them which reminds me my Sony Clie.  One of our friends just bought a 7" tablet with case and keyboard for $200 AND it does basically everything a laptop can do and then more.  It is so cute and just folds up small enough to fit in a purse.  I honestly use my iPad more than I do my laptop while the poor iMac sits collecting dust.  Now if Blogger would just make an app for that I go with just my iPad.


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