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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Comment Backlinks

When I started blogging almost seven years ago, backlinking wasn't a huge concern.  However, when I joined blog advertising networks (eg. Entrecard, Adgitize, CMFAds), there was a big emphasis on leaving comments on other blogs with a backlink to your blog.  In the ideal world, this may have worked but in the blogosphere, it promoted a lot of comment spam as bloggers tried to get their link out there.  Sploggers (blogs set up specifically to make money via spamming) were all over the concept of leaving their link in the comment section of other bloggers who were really just trying to blog and hopefully get a little attention by blogging.  Those most hurt were bloggers who did not have their comments set to moderation.  A splogger could stumble upon one of the blogs then send out hundreds of the same spam comment with same spam link before the blogger actually realized it was happening.  Some of these bloggers lost PR and were even delisted by Google while the sploggers went on their merry way to attack another innocent blogger.

In fairness, bloggers were told comment moderation was a form of censorship and shouldn't be used because it hindered two-way communication on the blog.  I'm sorry but I think this ideal was wrong from the start.  I also think it was bad advice for bloggers to get their link out there anyway they could especially via comments.  There are a multitude of valid reasons why a link to your blog should not be on certain websites or blogs.  Besides, you can still leave a comment on the website or blog just without a link back to your blog.

I am very, very picky about where I leave backlinks to my blogs.  Unlike some bloggers, I'm not a huge backlink builder which likely is a good thing now that Google is a bit more stringent with respect to links, both outgoing in incoming.  The reality is, I leave very few comments and even then fewer links to my blogs in those comments.  I prefer to let my backlinks grow naturally.  If another blogger really likes my blog(s) they will leave a backlink without me forcing it onto them via a comment or asking for a link exchange.  I think it is a more natural approach as well that will help build good backlinks.


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