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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Entrecard is No More

Well, those in the loop likely already knew Entrecard ceased operations in September of 2012.  I'm surprised that I hadn't heard of it's demise but am surprised it lasted as long as it did.  Entrecard, founded and operated by a very narcisistic individual had be plagued with problems well before I left it back in early 2009.  About 6 months before I left as the continued implosion of the owner escalated, there was a mass exodus of formerly loyal Entrecard supporters.  The problems got worse with forum censorship and personal attacks.  Well, it was finally announced the business was sold but many of us felt is was a cloak for the owner to remain in control of Entrecard just under different financial backing while calming some of the negativity.

To my understanding, Entrecard continued to decline even after the sale.  One comment I read said it had been pretty much abandoned for the past three years I heard bits and pieces about it throughout the blogosphere but really didn't keep up on what was going on.  Unlike other blog advertising networks who gave their members notice that they were closing down,  Entrecard did not.   They just closed down.  Bloggers attempting to do their drops found the widget empty and drop button missing.  Checking the site just confirmed it was gone.  This type of thing really re-enforces what many of us thought back when Entrecard was sold.  

At any rate, simply shutting down the site without any notice was rude.  Like any other website, Entrecard did go down from time to time so bloggers checking their site to see the widget not working likely suspected nothing until they went to sign-in to do their drops only to find the site gone.  Some likely had blank widgets on their blogs for a week or more if they didn't check them daily which is too bad.  What a way to find out!  That just goes to show what Entrecard really thought of their members and supporters.


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