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Friday, January 11, 2013

Exact Match Domain & Panda Updates

Google did an EMD (exact match domain) update that could see some domains penalized if they are an exact keyword search.  As always it appears to be a bit cloudy as to whether or not a site using a EMD will be penalized.  If the site uses an EMD but does not over stuff the site with those same keywords, then it sounds like it will not be penalized.  If it uses an EMD and over stuffs with the same keywords (aka keyword padding) then it may or may not be penalized.  So, it is clear as mud.  I doubt this is going to be an issue for most bloggers and I know it is not a problem for any of my blogs.

One thing I did find interesting is the Panda updates mentioned in the article.  It is possible to check your stats to see if you noticed anything different especially reduced traffic from Google on those dates.  If there was, then chances are your blog was affected by that particular Panda update.  I also was relieved to find out that unless you receive a notification from Google in your webmaster tools account that you have been penalized for unnatural links, then you haven't been manually penalized by Google.  There is a tool called Disavow to help remove the links but it does stress to use caution when removing links.

Again, most bloggers shouldn't have a lot of problems with links to the point of getting a manual penalty from Google.  It is even less likely if you don't allow links in comments as well as use due diligence when linking to other blogs or websites.  It is a good idea to go through any links to be sure they aren't to link farms or link exchanges and if you used a link service like Mr. Linky, I would highly recommend removing it and all links.  Clearly Google is concerned about the quality of links.  I personally don't trust the rel=no follow tag either since Google was honouring it, then wasn't and now is supposed to be honouring it again.  If in doubt, leave the link out.


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