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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Exclusive Advertising Rights

A little over three years ago, I went to exclusive advertising rights on one of my blogs.  What this means is by entering into the contract, no other advertising other than the ads through that affiliate can be shown.  There are pros and cons to doing this.  First, you are guaranteed to earn a certain amount of money depending on traffic.  In this case, I was paid only for traffic from the US.  Second, by going to exclusive advertising it really de-clutters your blog.  There's only one or two ad spots running rather than several as you see on some blogs trying to maximize their earning potential.  At the same time, there was a bit more freedom meaning I could discuss topics that are not allowed if using Adsense.  There was no minimum amount to earn for payment.  Payment was made the end of each month regardless of the amount.  It was steady income, considerable more than I would have made by running a few affiliate ad blocks.  On the con side was a reduced earning potential especially since I could not run ads from Adsense or some of the other affiliates.

Last October, I received a letter from them indicating that at the end of October, they were switching their advertising model to non-exclusive.  I had the choice to continue on with them under the new model but as of November 1 could begin using other affiliate programs if desired.  I agreed to continue with them because quite frankly they have been very good to me.  I still haven't added any additional affiliate programs back on to that blog.  I likely will at some point but only minimal.  For now, I like the uncluttered feeling without a lot of advertising!

I had a very positive experience using exclusive advertising on one of my blogs.  If given the opportunity again, I would certainly consider it.  Only you will know if an exclusive advertising offer is good for you.  In most cases, you will have to sign a legal and binding contract.  Be very sure you understand every detail of that contract before signing it!  Do some homework and check out the company making the offer.  At any rate, if done properly an exclusive advertising contract can be quite lucrative!


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