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Friday, January 4, 2013

Google Deliberately Strips Out Keyword Search Information for Logged in Users

I was going through my stats and came across an entry that said Search Referral: Search Encrypted with an I in a blue circle.  The location, number of visits and IP all showed.  So I hovered over the information circle to see a balloon that informed me that it was a "Google Encrypted Search - Google deliberately strips out keyword search information for logged in users.  More info on their official blog announcement."  According to Google SSL was done to make their users searches more secure especially over unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots and increase privacy.  While the announcement was made in October 2011, it is now just showing in my stats as search encrypted although I have seen no referring url for some time so perhaps that is the same thing just less blatant.

However, this measure will also lessen keyword optimization for webmasters and bloggers.  I honestly think lessening SEO was part of the goal behind the SSL.  In the past, bloggers could go through their stats to gleem what keywords were bring visitors to their sites simply by looking at the  search referral.  Now, if someone reaches your blog but the search is encrypted, unless the land on a specific page, you have no idea how they found your blog other than they did a Google search.  There is no information that can be gained to use as keywords.  For example: if the landing page is yourblogname you gain no information on what keywords they used to find your blog BUT if the landing page is yourblogname:  specific blog post then you might be able to make an educated guess as to what keyword they used BUT it won't tell you if they used any type of term like "how to use this searched keyword" or "where can I find this searched keyword".  In short, you gain no information on how the visitor found your blog or what they were specifically looking for.

This puts bloggers at a disadvantage but they have been at a disadvantage from the get go with respect to generating traffic to their blogs.  Most bloggers don't have a lot of resources for advertising and the very few there were are now gone.  A bit of effective keyword use is necessary if only to get into search engine results.  I have gone through my stats and have seen some of the questions used to find my blog.  That has been used as blog fodder to directly address the question presented since if one visitor had that question likely others do as well.  For the time being, only those logged into Google will show as search encrypted but it is likely only a matter of time before anyone using Google for search will show the same.


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