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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some Things Shouldn't be Blogged About

I blogged about a couple of interesting entries in my stats from the Department of National Defence both checking out a hot sauce recipe clone.  While this was likely just an employee on break doing a bit of surfing, it serves as a reminder that you do have to be careful when discussing certain topics on blogs.  Well, quite frankly I didn't think that was as much of a case with a cooking blog but even a cooking blog can draw attention depending on the nature of the post.  That really could be the case if I were detailing how to distil liquor (illegal) or how to use a recipe in an illegal manner.  Sharing how to brew beer, make homemade liquors, make wine or how to make wine jelly are all perfectly legal.  The discussion of certain herbs could draw a bit of attention or even growing methods.  However, all could get the attention of those checking for suspicious or  illegal activities.  That is why bloggers must be careful as to what information they share and how they share it.

Aside of the TOS and AUP of your ISP and blog host, bloggers really have an ethical responsibility to their readers.   That means full disclosure with respect to data collection, advertising and that type of thing.  At the same time, it means you don't share certain information that promotes hatred or illegal activity.  The bottom line is sometimes you can't say what you want to say and sometimes you shouldn't put what you think or know into print.


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