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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Header Options in Blogger

Happy New Year!

Ok, I must have missed something or this is a way for Blogger to bring bloggers back into the SEO realm.  Blogger seriously makes it easy to blog but if you want to apply a bit of SEO like adding the header tags or even image alt tags until now you had to use html rather compose in the editor.  Actually the alt tags used to be a normal feature but for some reason Blogger took that away.  Anyway, for the average blogger who uses the compose editor never venturing into the seedy side of HTML, there was a disadvantage.  The problem is if you don't know HTML or XML, well that presents a bit of dilemma.

I honestly learned and taught myself HTML way back when I wanted a website and blogs were about the furthest thing from anyone's mind.  There was none of the WYSIWYG either .  If you did the coding right, FTPed it then checked your site with any luck it worked.  A lot of times it didn't.  Well, blogging and specifically Blogger changed that.  They really brought the WYSIWYG thing into instant publishing and really that is what a blog is, a publication.  

Still, in many ways, Blogger is behind the scenes and yet I like the platform.  One problem is, Blogger will not let you block certain IPs from accessing your blog although other blogging platforms will.  Now this whole issue of headers is nothing but SEO and since Blogger who is owned by Google introduced it to bloggers that means headers do mean something with respect to search engine optimization even if SEO is going by the wayside.

Now, there is a box in the editor that by default is set to normal.  But you can change that in the drop down menu to choose heading, subheading or minor heading which I think in HTML terms relates to the H1, H2 and H3 tags.  I do recall reading about the importance of using header tags so this just reinforces it.  Anyway, check it out.  Blogger is making a very easy to use option that really is saying, use it because Google is paying attention to the header tags - hint, hint.


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