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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Back when I started blogging in 2006, all I had a vague idea about was blogging.  To me, blogging was a creative outlet to share ideas, thoughts, pictures and just have fun.  Blogs are essentially a souped up version of homepages that many ISP offered their customers but blogging platforms made is so easy that you really didn't have to worry about FTP or HTML.  What this really meant is the regular Joe Friday could blog using a nice WYSIWYG format without any of the behinds the scenes details.  Not that it didn't help to know at least HTML, it just meant you didn't have to.  I'm not sure if that was the time of the growth spurt for blogs but I suspect it was.

Shortly after I started blogging I joined a blog network so got to know a few bloggers.  Then I joined one of the most popular widget blog advertising networks where I quickly learned about splogs.  A splog is a blog that has been set up for the sole purpose of making money via spamming other bloggers.  It can be identified by copious amounts of advertising, very short fluff posts in between paid posts, and essentially no content.  The biggest give away is the comment spam.  The sploggers are so intent on making money from their splogs, they will seriously leave hundreds of comments daily on other blogs with backlinks to their blog.  This is precisely how I learned very early in my blogging career that comment moderation is a must.

The sploggers were a breed onto themselves.  They were very active in the forums bordering on being abusive to other bloggers and if you so much as looked sideways they would complain about you.  Not only that, they complained constantly if they missed making a penny through the network.  They honestly had the opinion they could quit their day jobs and earn enough money to support their lifestyle simply by blogging.  Well, if they hit it very lucky they might possibly be able to earn a couple hundred dollars a month but really even that especially then was pretty far fetched and I don't know many that can live on that!

Now, I know for a brief period of time that particular blog network started deleting splogs from the system but that somehow changed so the splogs continued there.  Other blog advertising networks nipped the problem of splogs in the bud so it was mainly a non-issue with them.  Splogs weren't welcomed.  Then, and I can't be 100% because I didn't see an actual announcement from Google, it appears splogs were being de-listed from the search engines.

I honestly have not seen a true splog in awhile although I suspect some attempting to leave comments on my blogs may be.  Comment spam is usually fairly obvious so I don't check out their sites anyway.  I also suspect splogs are not quite as popular now all the widget based blog advertising networks are gone.  Seriously, a splog can't make money without traffic.  Essentially, all of the easy ways of generating blog traffic have been cut off so the sploggers are now forced to generate traffic the old fashioned way just like the rest of us.


Valer @BlogUpp said...

Indeed, splogs are quite an issue. We are glad to contribute to the quality of overall blogger community, for bloggers like you and readers to see fewer or even none of them these days.

Thank you for speaking your mind and for being a part of our blogger community.

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