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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Google Chrome Misbehavior

Wow!  When I bought this new laptop last year I decided to use Google Chrome.  I'm sorry, I just don't like Internet Explorer due to their poor security issues.  I like Safari for my Mac.  Google Chrome was working fine then it decided to have issues with Adobe Flash.  I fixed that then updated Flash but after a week or so, it started acting up again refusing to work or forcing reboots.  Well, today was the final straw.  I use Norton, not because I want to but because it is part of our multi-license.  I get a warning from both Google and Norton that Google Chrome had turned off the extension for Norton Identity Suit.  There is no way, no how, for any reason that any browser should shut down any security program you have on your computer without your permission EVER!  I downloaded Firefox to test out which worked perfectly with no crashes, stalls or problems.  Until Google Chrome gets its act together I'm uninstalling it as well.


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