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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anonymous Commentors

Blogger settings allows you to be able to set it so someone who doesn't have a Google ID to respond anonymously.  For the most part this works rather well and most readers who want to comment do not abuse the privilege.  Then there are the jerks (a polite way to address them) who seem to think they can say whatever they want but the lovely commentor from Blanchard, Oklahoma likely didn't realize they weren't as anonymous as they thought they were.  The comment ended up in the trash right where it belonged.  It almost makes me want to take away the option of being able to comment anonymously.  The problem with this approach is some folks do not want to sign up to any service just to be able to leave a comment.  Now, if a commentor is that determined to leave a comment to the point they would sign up for Open ID just to leave a vial comment, well then there is a bit more of a trail to block them out from future comments.  The second option is to eliminate being able to leave comments entirely and something totally possible on the blog I'm talking about.  I went to no comments on all my blogs for about 2 months and didn't like it.  The third solution is to simply delete the obnoxious comments and ignore.  The final option is to report the 'anonymous' sender to their ISP.  Even if they use a proxy that ISP can trace it back to them.  Again, this problem reinforces the fact that all blog comments should be moderated.  At no point should comments be allowed through without your approval!


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