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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fair Compensation

I get a lot of requests for paid links (eg. just the bare link, something I don't do) but lately I have had an increase in paid post requests.  It's not the type of paid post that some bloggers were into where you would see almost the exact same post, word for word appearing on a multitude of blogs.  This is paid in the sense of writing a unique blog post on a very specific topic with a link so it is more than a paid link (link only) but not a generic paid post.  I don't see the harm in accepting these types of offers if it is something that works with which ever of my blogs they are interested.  For example, I wouldn't accept an offer to write about home insurance on my cooking blog but might consider it for my homemaking blog.  It is a legitimate form of advertising.  It's no different than the affiliate I have been with for over three years where I'm paid to promote their site with a clear disclosure.  I am under contract with them which works well for me.  I use links to their site when blogging however, they do not choose the anchor words, I do and I can link to any part of their site I choose.  I also promote them via Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth.  I really should add a sig on my email promoting them as well since I have had a wonderful experience with them.  So back to the paid post requests...

What is fair compensation?  I know what I get compensated through my affiliate, which is quite generous but there is more work to it than just writing one blog post.  If the average blog post takes 15 minutes to write with a compensation of $15 then it works out to $60 per hour which isn't a bad wage.  If the post takes an hour to write, then it is only $15 per hour and while that is not a good wage, some would be quite happy with it.  At the same time, this type of post remains in the archives which is rather inexpensive advertising for them.  The only time I would remove the link is if it is dead.  So what is fair compensation for this type of monetizing?


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